Windsor Landing Entrance Package

After a succesfull fire test we are now proud to offer our brand new 2hr fire rated entrance, the Windsor. Following the success of our Galaxy entrance, the new design follows suit, surpassing the 2hr fire test whilst also successfully passing a rigorous bag test to EN81-71, giving the product Category 2 vandal resistance. The result of this is a door which performs as well as the Galaxy Entrance but with reduced weight and complexity. This will aid with installation time and ease of installation.

Windsor Door 1

The doors will be available in 3 main options:

Entrance Only: Consists of a landing door, landing frame, track and entrance cladding (as per picture on the left). i.e no architrave.

Butt Type Entrance: As above but with the addition of our butt type architraves. We must know at the point of sale if architraves are being installed so the entrance cladding can be prepared to take an architrave.

Full Wrap Entrance: As “Entrance Only” but with the inclusion of full wrap architraves (as per our Galaxy Entrance). This removes the requirement for the entrance cladding.

Additional Note: The entrance cladding supplied with the “entrance only” package forms the fireseal. Therefore the entrance can be installed with no architraves if required (as tested). The butt type architrave option is for decoration only and forms no part of the fire seal.

The entrance will be offered in a range of standard sizes: 700, 750, 800, 825, 850, 900mm. Custom sizes will be available at an additional cost.

The door has been tested with a Euro Release Lock. Other locks will be available under assement.

Key Features

Windsor Door 1

For any further details, information and prices please get in touch

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