ILE Web Based Monitoring

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The ILE Web based monitoring system allows the user to monitor and manage a lift installation remotely via a web browser either from a PC, smart phone or tablet. Information regarding the lifts status is held in a central cloud based system.

Instant alerts are given of lift breakdown via amber or red flags shown on configurable google maps showing lift locations. The customer has the flexibility to add locations with photographs and comments for the service operator.

Features and Benefits

- Web based access to remote equipment
- High Level security protected
- All events are time stamped and stored in a database
- Reporting tool allows analysis of historical data
- Facility to SMS/email engineer from the monitoring system
- Easy to use
- Can be interfaced with most existing control systems

Based around the ILE Skycom CAN-X technology lifts can be monitored 24/7, 365 days a year. This allows remote fault-finding, saving time and money on call outs.

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How many lifts can I monitor?

You can monitor an unlimited number of lifts.

How many systems do I need to monitor a group of lifts?

You will require 1 system per group whether that is a simplex or group of 8.

Where can I monitor from?

You can monitor anywhere in the world, via any browser on an internet enabled smartphone, tablet or P.C.

What does the system monitor?

The system monitors door function, lift status and position, out of service conditions and is fully configurable to monitor any output from the controller.

Can it replace EMU?


Can I set an output to the lift controller?

Yes. You can control which users have access to the commands that you can send to the lift controller.

Can the system be fitted to an existing panel?

Yes, all except serial comms based panels.

Who has access to my web based account?

You have full administrator rights to your account and can issue usernames and password to whom you wish to give access

Can I look at a lifts history of events?

Yes. All events are time stamped and logged in a cloud based database, this is searchable by event type and can be filtered by date.

How does the system integrate with lift engineers?

You can add support contacts to the system allowing email / SMS messaging direct from the system to inform an engineer they need to attend site.

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