Information Display

Information Display


The ILE Remote Data Display Unit is designed for displaying important messages, information or advertising to lobby or reception areas.

These messages can include text, static images, live news feeds, time and date, scheduled messages, animation and video content and can be designed and programmed from anywhere using the easy to use browser based software and uploaded remotely.

The system is available in 2 configurations, 3G and Wi-Fi. The 3G system works via the cellular network allowing the user to upload information from anywhere over the internet, through the browser based software. The Wi-Fi option works the same as the 3G option but utilises an existing local Wi-Fi network. Antennae are mounted on the top of the box (see picture below).

Info Display Top


Content Management System (CMS)

Content can be displayed for individual or groups of displays, managed via the browser based content management system. The content is deployed via a single deploy action which allows the user to update single or multiple screens. The content continues to display until new content is received. The screen comes complete with signage player, network router, vandal resistant enclosure and all required cabling.


Varying user roles can be configured to allow different levels of control from view only to full administrator rights.


The signage player requires a subscription to the Content Management System (CMS), this subscription also includes free software upgrades.

The CMS allows the creation, deployment and management of the data content. The CMS system is browser based so can be accessed from most devices, anywhere with an internet connection. We offer facilitation of this subscription service.

The 3G option also requires a mobile SIM to operate and again we offer facilitation of this service with a supplier.

The payment of the SIM and CMS subscriptions is the responsibility of the purchaser.

For any further information on this product please contact the Leicester office.

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