TFT Indicators

5.7 TFT in angled box

Full colour TFT

ILE now offer a range of full colour TFT indicators, either standalone or in stainless housings. The range offers versatility and can be fully customised direct from the lift controller. Facilities offered include:

• Car Position
• Direction arrows
• Scrolling arrows
• Hall lanterns
• Messages
• No entry sign
• Floor arrival messages
• Time & Date - 12/24 hour clock

The displays can be branded, incorporating a logo or a building name as part of the background. The background and foreground colours along with messages, fonts and floor designations are programmable on site, direct from the controller. The TFT Indicator can also control other ILE peripheral devices such as, slimline gong, single digit display, and relay board. Size options are 3.5”, 4.3”, 5,7” displays, all available in either portrait or landscape orientation.

4.3 TFT in beetle box

The configuration switches (1-10) determine the devices position within the installation for correct allocation of hall lanterns/arrival gongs. The position is set by allocating a standard binary address to identify floor position. Switch 10 enables the on board terminating CAN resistor, allowing correct allocation of terminators once the installation is complete. The External device connector allows connection of the Single Digit Displays (Side arrows), Slim line Arrival Gong (Multi tone), and the Indicator Relay Board (Two N/O Volt free relay contacts). These additional devices are all controlled directly by the indicator.

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