PRISMA design and produce automatic car and landing doors along with a range of door operators for lifts. With a long established history, they have become well known for the quality and modern design of their products. Prisma are a customer orientated organisation, with the philosophy of being a "friendly supplier". Prisma's products are undergoing substantial development to improve and add to their existing product range. Prisma lift components and accessories are the ideal solution for lift modernisation across a large range of varying applications.

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F22 Landing Doors

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Macro Door Operator

The MACRO series car door operator is ideal for use in high-traffic lifts. Harmonic and noiseless movement with high opening speeds, makes the Macro the perfect operator even for the most challenging conditions.

The MACRO Series car door operator can be used as a replacement for the Linear DOS model. It is very robust and medium sized sliding rollers are installed as standard, while large rollers are used for heavy panels. Both rollers have a 67 mm diameter (64 mm rolling diameter).



Mega Door Operator

The MEGA series is the answer to customer requirements for high-performing products in extreme conditions, with considerable opening dimensions and heavy panels it is designed for high intensity of use.

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The MEGA is the only door in the world equipped with truck sliding rails with a 14 x 70 mm thick section, and 90mm sliding rollers for supporting heavy panels and a simple but state-of-the-art system for continuous cleaning of the rollers.


Micro Door Operator

The MICRO car door operator is the most recent result of the R & D activities carried out by PRISMA and it has been designed to comply with the new standard regulating machine roomless lifts(MRL). In order to improve safety during assembly and maintenance operations on MRL lifts, it is important that nothing hinders access to the car roof. The MICRO, thanks to its reduced overall dimensions, is fitted to the car front wall and therefore it doesn’t project onto the car roof.

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