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International Lift Equipment has been supplying GAL equipment to the U.K. Lift market for over 30 years. GAL's extensive range of door equipment has been designed and manufactured to ensure safe and reliable use for years to come.


• Parameter unit
• Capable of holding 5 complete sets of parameters
• Contractors can store one working set and all 4 GAL defaults
• Optional heavy door input
• Complies with the kinetic energy requirements found in the ASME A17.1-2000+
• Plug and play door protection
• Works with a variety of door protection safety edges
• No need to locate, mount or wire a power supply
• Edges bought from GAL plug directly into the MOVFR operator saving hours on installation

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• Closed loop regulated speed via motor performance feedback. Perfect consistency from floor to floor
• Automatic adjustment for wind and door conditions
• Keypad programming for all speeds, torques, acceleration and deceleration allowing for complete controllability
• Download all operating parameters from one operator - upload them to another
• Incredibly fast and easy fine tuning especially on multi-car banks
• LED indication of all inputs and outputs
• Eliminates time spent trouble shooting
• LED indication of every speed zone during open and close cycles
• Test switches for open, close and nudging allows testing of mechanical set-up before running on automatic

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• Only 3 inputs required - door open, door close and nudging (optional input for “heavy door”)
• Minimise wiring time
• Universal voltage inputs will accept from 24-300V AC or DC or a dry set of contacts
• Can adapt to the output of virtually any elevator control
• Perfect for modernisation
• Water-resistant models available
• Control encased in gasket housing
• Motor rated for “wash down” duty
• Water-resistant grommets for all wiring
• Heavy duty 1/2HP motor, 230V AC single phase motor speed able to handle any application
• Non-contact optical couplers (available with a spare for extra functions)
• Eliminates mechanical cams and electrical contacts
• Substantially lowers routine maintenance

This is the fastest, easiest, quietest and most dependable door operator ever available from GAL, now more than ever if you are not installing MOVFR, you won’t know how good a door operator can be.

Doors and conversion packages are available. Please contact our sales office for further information. We also offer HA, Zone Locking and Spring Unlocking options.

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