Company Overview

International Lift Equipment was established in 1976 and has expanded its business anually with quality and state of the art equipment. Today the company boasts a 22,000sq ft office and warehouse in Chingford and a 65,000sq ft manufacturing outlet and office facility in Leicester. Together they employ over 140 people.

Chingford Office

Quality is a key issue for ILE. They were succesfully assessed and registered as meeting the requirements of ISO 9001 in 1991. Certification is via BSI, who are a notified body, meeting the requirements of the European Lift Directive. This gives ILE the legal entitlement to design, manufacture, supply, install and test lift equipment.

The company has outlets in Europe, America, Africa and Australia. It also enjoys an association with manufactuing companies in the majority of European countries, together with GAL and Hollister Whitney in the United States.

The head office in London is home to a team of sales staff who are available to answer both technical and commercial enquiries. Technical representatives operate nationwide and are available to visit customers and resolve any problems they may be experiencing. In addition to their extensive pre-sales service, they also offer a full after sales service including on-site technical back up and group product training. The London warehouse houses in excess of £1 million worth of stock and is therefore able to provide a fast, efficient service to customers.

The manufacturing facility based in Leicester is generally split into three sections, these being mechanical, electrical and electronic departments.

Leicester factory

The mechanical section produces a full range of lift equipment via a drawing office that offers a variety of services ranging from the design of complete bespoke lift packages to a single design item such as door packages, counter weights, lift cars, gear rafts etc. The manufacturing section utilises the latest machine technology, including a laser linked to CAD/CAM to produce high quality sheet metal parts.

The electrical section produces a full range of lift control systems to suit all requirements, from simple goods-only controls to more complex multi car group systems utilising the latest drive technology. The heart of the control system is the microprocessor that is designed by ILE's team of R & D engineers.

The electronics section has benefitted from heavy investment in the latest surface mount technology and produces products such as: serial comms, digital indicators, speech synthesisers, tapehead detectors and their own microprocessors. All hardware and software is produced in house, giving ILE total control over quality and specification.

The groups policy of constant re-investment and re-appraisal in every aspect of the business, via a team of dedicated staff helps provide the service customers quite rightly demand.

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