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Skycom CAN-X+ is the new ILE control system. The CAN-X+ controller is based on a CAN network providing a distributed lift controller utilising pre-loomed plug and play modules reducing installation and commissioning time.

Skycom CAN-X plus Controller

To reduce installation time the looms can be provided for:
- Car top control station
- Limit switches
- Door gears
- Detector edges
- Car operating panel
- Shaft wiring (push buttons and indicators, and locks)

CAN-X+ is a dual processor system utilising a 32-bit ARM processor for the user interface and grouping control, with a 16-bit processor for process control. Serial drive communication is achieved using a dedicated isolated CAN network, and a drive startup wizard to aid fast commissioning.

CAN-X+ is the next generation of Skycom processor building on the success of the CAN-X system, utilising the latest surface mount technology to improve an established and market proven ILE product. ILE has been producing control systems for the UK market for more than 20 years. We have utilised our knowledge and expertise to create a modern product for today’s market place. Skycom CAN-X+ represents affordable, modern technology developed to be both flexible and reliable.

The controller consists of a main processor board, and a set of CAN nodes that can be distributed throughout the lift installation. The nodes can be situated in the panel, on the car top, and in the lift shaft. The controller and all nodes are fully configurable, and all peripherals connected to the processor via the CAN network are also configurable.

Skycom CAN-X plus Processor

Parameterisation is achieved from the touch screen or via a USB connection to a PC. The processor is backward compatible with all existing ILE peripheral products.

The new unit is housed on a standalone board, and comes complete with TFT colour screen, Wifi unit, LED status indication and USB ports for easy connectivity to programming tools.


This brand new processor unit comes with a whole host of new features to allow easy installation and setup on site.

The large 320 x 240 pixel, colour TFT touch screen allows easy navigation of the processor unit.


Skycom CAN-X plus wifi antenna

The unit comes complete with a built in wifi unit to allow remote connection via the custom built smart phone app (Compatible with Apple iPhone, Android to follow). This allows the simple final set up of key features without repeat visits to the motor room. Settings allowed include speech, indicators, push illumination level, door dwell times, ride quality and floor levels.

Skycom CAN-X plus app logo


Other key features of the new processor are:

- Absolute shaft encoder (up to 4 m/s)
- Set-up via iphone app or TFT touchscreen
- Self learning shaft run
- Group control
- Dual processor

CAN-X+ Setup App

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