Skycom CAN-X

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Skycom CAN-X is the new ILE control system. The CAN-X controller is based on a CAN network providing a distributed lift controller utilising pre-loomed plug and play modules, reducing time during installation and comissioning.


To reduce installation time, looms are provided for:

Car top control station
Limit switches
Door gears
Detector edges
Car operating panel
Shaft wiring (push buttons, indicators, locks)

Installation kit (Pendant station on 50mtr cable reel) is available to enable quick start up during installation.

CAN-X is a dual processor system utilising a 16 bit processor for process control and an 8 bit processor for the user interface. Serial drive communication is achieved through a dedicated, isolated CAN network and the processor has a drive set-up installation wizard to aid fast comissioning.

CAN-X is the next generation of Skycom processor utilising the latest surface mount technology to improve an established and market proven ILE product. Skycom CAN-X represents affordable, modern technology developed to be both flexible and reliable.

The controller consists of a processor board and CAN nodes, distributed throughout the lift installation. The nodes can be situated in the panel, on the car top and in the lift shaft. The controller, all nodes and all peripherals connected via the CAN network are fully configurable. Parametrisation is from the controller's keypad or USB connection to a P.C.


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