Brighton & Hove Council Portfolio

The work with Brighton and Hove council involved the installation of 6 new lifts across 3 different sites. These were back to the guide jobs where we supplied new controllers, doors, gear rafts, "Atlas" cars and shaft equipment. Our work with Brighton council is still ongoing.

“In 2010, my client made the decision to trial International Lift Equipments Atlas Car product as a vandal resistant solution for replacing a number of their ageing high rise lifts."

"During the 1 year project ILE ensured that any problem, technical, logistical or other was addressed and closed within agreed timescales."

"Following the successful completion of the trial lift replacement programme, my client has now made the decision to proceed using ILE Atlas car to replace the majority of their lift portfolio of 100+ units over the next 5-10 years.”

James Deamer Consultant Lift Engineer

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