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Overspeed Gov


The revised issue of EN81: 1998 + A3: 2009 incorporates a requirement for Unintended Movement Protection. This is a non-commanded movement of the lift with the doors open within a door zone away from a landing, excluding movements resulting from loading or unloading.

The means of protection must detect unintended movement of the car and cause the car to stop and keep it stopped.

The device must stop the car within 1.2mtr of the landing where the unintended movement has been detected. ILE's method of providing this protection is to use the Bode Overspeed Governor fitted with their "Anti Slip" device used in conjunction with ILE's VG range of safety gears.

The anti slip device is a solenoid operating a pinning rod that once engaged locks the overspeed governor and therefore activates the safety gear, preventing further movement of the lift car in either direction. The zone detection is monitored by proximity switches in conjunction with a CE marked (to the lift directive requirements) safety relay.

Under normal safe operation of the lift, the solenoid is energised, when unintended movement is detected the solenoid de-energises thus locking the Overspeed Governor.


Magnetic Lock

The solenoid operates at 12VDC allowing energisation through appropriate circuitry whilst handwinding the lift for emergency rescue purposes. For correct and safe operation of this system we would recommend it is used in conjunction with the ILE range of lift control panels.

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